Thai Listening Practice Program

8 Stories Written and Told by Byu in 3 Different Speeds: Slow, Normal, and Fast

  • Understand conversational Thai in various situations

  • Listen to real-life conversation, podcasts, short news, a phone call, discussions, or everyday vlogs

  • Create a narrative based on related topics in Thai

  • Enjoy old-school Thai cartoons by Byu's Papa!

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▸ Get a full 70-page eBook designed to facilitate you with your Thai listening skills and a life-time access to 50+ video lessons including bonus lessons. ▸ Enjoy old-school Thai cartoons by Nopnont N. (Byu's Papa), 80-year-old retired Thai cartoonist!
Thai Listening Practice

Thai Listening Practice Program

Course Curriculum

    1. Are you finding Thai listening aids?

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    1. How to Use This Course "Thai Listening Practice"

    1. Pre-Test : Thai Listening Practice

    1. Conversation

    2. Vocabulary List

    3. Explanation

    4. Listening Comprehension

    5. Narrative Writing Prompt

    1. Talking about Daily Life

    2. Vocabulary List

    3. Explanation

    4. Listening Comprehension

    5. Narrative Writing Prompt

About this course

  • $59.99
  • 62 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content


Learner Reviews & Feedback

Simple and Well-structured Course

Michal N (Israel)

Recently I moved to Chiangmai and learning Thai language is always in my mind. I heard from many saying that Thai is very tough language and difficult to learn. Many thanks to Byu who designed very simple and well-structured course and help to connect the Thai language.

Super Helpful for Thai Learners of All Levels!

Sophia B (United States)

These TLP lessons are great for listening practice. Usually I listen to the audio track first without checking the transcript and try to follow the line and understand the contents in general; then I listen the track again, making pauses and re-listening the particular fragments which are unclear to me. Thank you for your great work! Byu's resources are super helpful for Thai learners of all levels!

Easy to Understand

by Usman T (United States)

Her teaching is very well! Easy to understand, her accent is very clear to understand, every lessons are very useful and can use them for real. Thank you for lovely teaching and lovely lesson!

Able to Recognize Some Words Without Looking at the Subtitle

Daniel P (Thailand)

Just finished watching and listening the videos in this course and I am so happy that I was able to recognize some words and understand a little without looking at the subtitle. บทเรียนดีจริงๆ ผมเรียนรู้มากมาย


Online Language Teacher Byu N.

Hello Everyone! My name is Byu! I have been teaching online since 2016. I am a language practitioner and a certified Thai language teacher from Bangkok, Thailand, with a passion for helping people achieve their language goals. With a background in linguistics and Thai language teaching methodologies, I have developed a range of effective learning materials and resources that have helped countless people to fluently speak and read Thai. My dedication is to create materials that are both accessible and enjoyable to use. Contact me! ▸ Study with me 1-on-1 Live Lessons on Zoom or Skype. ▸