Thai Listening Practice Program

8 Stories Written and Told by Byu in 3 Different Speeds: Slow, Normal, and Fast

  • Understand conversational Thai in various situations

  • Listen to real-life conversation, podcasts, short news, a phone call, discussions, or everyday vlogs

  • Create a narrative based on related topics in Thai

  • Enjoy old-school Thai cartoons by Byu's Papa!

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▸ Get a full 70-page eBook designed to facilitate you with your Thai listening skills and a life-time access to 50+ video lessons including bonus lessons. ▸ Enjoy old-school Thai cartoons by Nopnont N. (Byu's Papa), 80-year-old retired Thai cartoonist!
Illustrated by Nopnont N. (Byu's Papa)

Thai Listening Practice Program

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