Thai Sentence Building Practices

Learn to Build Thai Sentences Challenge

  • Learn how to structure Thai sentences at ease.

  • Practice accurate pronunciation and intonation.

  • Understand the usage of each word in real-life situations.

  • Form your own sentences in review exercises correctly and creatively.


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Make Thai Sentences 1.0 Challenge

Learn to build your Thai sentences longer through essential Thai vocabulary and simple grammar patterns.

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    1. Lesson 1 นิสัย ní-săi Personality

    1. Lesson 2 แล้วแต่ láew dtàe depend on

    1. Lesson 3 ลองดู long doo try out

    1. Lesson 4 บ้าง bâang some / any

About this course

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  • 29 lessons
  • 5 hours of audio contents

Meet Our Students


"I was really pleased with the course."

by Sonia M, USA

MTS 1.0 helped give me the confidence. Byu did a great job breaking down the process. Thank you for this course. This was a very immersive and interesting course.

"What an amazing refresher!"

by David T, Australia

This course make me more understand how to make a sentence. Your online courses have helped me to study diligently. I was struggling with the Thai sentences structure, but you saved me!

"Emphasize Thai sentences in bite sized!"

by Matt K, USA

I have more confidence to communicate with everyone here in Thailand. This is certainly one of the most useful online courses I have ever taken. I’m happy to be able to think about sentence structure separate from vocabulary.

"Thank you for your effort in creating the course."

by Florances B, Germany

MTS 1.0 helped me a lot to make more natural long sentences. Awesome experience! It was a comprehensive and informative course. I learnt a lot. Very high regard for my teacher Byu!

"Thank you Kru Byu so much and I look forward to continuing my learning of Thai with Byu"

by Pearl, The Philippines

This course clarified all my questions in the past. Even though I am still at the beginner level, my knowledge is constantly growing and changing and it is all thanks to you!

"Byu is hidden gem 😍"

by Jessica K, South Korea

Great course even for higher-level learners, thank you! This course is very helpful and very easy to finish. 🙂 Can’t wait to learn more in the second part (MTS 2.0).

"This course had exactly what I was looking for!"

by Lydia T, Mexico

This course helps me a lot to comprehend those sentences that I am confused of. Any time I’ve watched dramas or variety contents, I have always been confused about where the verbs are & why the sentences are so long. I am so thankful that I came across your website. I look forward to continuing!


by Andy M, Thailand

I liked how it was broken down into small chunks. I attended language courses in Thailand but they didn't teach me how to structure sentences. MTS 1.0 is really helpful and handy! I love Podcast format which allows me to listen wherever and whenever I want. ขอบคุณครูครับ


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