Why is it important to use antonyms?

Getting to know new words becomes easier when you know the antonym of that particular word.

  • Build your vocabulary when studying Thai

  • Understand better situations and circumstances when antonyms are used

  • Sharpen your overall sense of Thai language

  • Form your own sentences in review exercises correctly and creatively.


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Make Thai Sentences 2.0 Antonyms

Learn to build your Thai sentences longer through essential Thai vocabulary and simple grammar patterns.

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    1. Lesson 1 หนักใจ เบาใจ nàk jai bao jai (Listening Practice)

    2. Lesson 1 หนักใจ เบาใจ nàk jai bao jai (Literal Translation)

    1. Lesson 2 ข้างนอก ข้างใน kâang nôk kâang nai (Listening Practice)

    2. Lesson 2 ข้างนอก ข้างใน kâang nôk kâang nai (Literal Translation)

    1. Lesson 3 อันตราย ปลอดภัย an-dtà-raai bplòt pai (Listening Practice)

    2. Lesson 3 อันตราย ปลอดภัย an-dtà-raai bplòt pai (Literal Translation)

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"Great and very interesting!"

by Samy, Mexico

These courses help me a lot to keep updating myself in the Thai language. Byu is an excellent teacher.

"The way she explains the classes are very simple and easy "

by Usman (United Arab Emirates)

Love this course! A lot of helpful tips to learn Thai. Using antonyms is also practical and effective.

"I have learn a lot from this course."

by Cristina

The topics and the presentation is well delivered. It is easy to follow and understand. I started building my own sentences. My Thai friends were so impressed.


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